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Bathroom Remodeling Round Rock

Updating your master bath, main floor bathroom, secondary bathroom, or guest bath can give the rest of your home new life. This is why you should consider a round rock bath remodeling renovation.

Luckily, most bathroom remodeling projects takes less time to complete than other home remodeling projects. Whether you want to tackle one bath remodeling round rock project or you want to remodel all the bathrooms in your home at once, we’re here to help you every step of the way with your remodeling round rock tx bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Tile

From traditional rectangular subway tile to beautifully intricate modern tile designs, remodeling cedar park tx bathroom tiles set the mood for the entire space. You can choose from ceramic tile, glass tile, stone tile, and other materials to add color, texture, and style for your bathroom remodeling round rock texas project.

If you want to minimize the grout line, select a grout color that blends with the tile. To show off the grout line, choose a bold grout color for your round rock bath remodeling project.

We have plenty of examples from other remodeling round rock tx projects that we can show you to help make bath remodeling round rock design decisions easier!

Bathroom Vanities

When selecting a bathroom vanity for your bathroom remodeling round rock texas project, consider how much storage space you will need when remodeling cedar park tx bathrooms. Design your bath remodel round rock renovation to suit your needs.

Available in traditional, modern, and contemporary styles, bathroom vanities serve as a focal point in any bathroom remodeling project.

Our customer service team can help you with these remodeling round rock tx design decisions. You can count on our expert bathroom remodeling round rock texas contractors to install your new vanity perfectly.

Shower vs. Tub

To keep the old bathtub or not to keep the old bathtub – that’s a common question we hear from our bath remodel round rock clients. We feel it’s best to install a new bathtub when working on a bathroom remodeling project simply because an old tub will really stand out when surrounded by all new wall and floor tile, vanity, paint, and accessories in your new round rock bath remodeling renovation.

Some remodeling cedar park tx clients ask that we remove the tub and install a shower. Depending on the size of the bathroom, we can install and stand-alone tub and a shower. Whatever your bath remodeling round rock preferences, we will do our best to create a new space you can be proud of!

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Small Bath Remodel Round Rock

When remodeling round rock tx small bathroom, we will make sure to measure the area so you can choose an appropriately sized vanity for your bathroom remodeling round rock texas project.

For a small bath remodel round rock renovation, we suggest adding light colors to make the space seem bright and airy, especially in windowless rooms.

Small round rock bath remodeling projects may seem like less work, but you need to be deliberate in your bath remodeling round rock style choices to make the small space feel clean and inviting after the remodeling cedar park tx project is complete.

But with a little help from us, we can take any bathroom remodeling round rock project and make it something special!

Round Rock Bath Remodeling Tips

Your bathroom should be as comfortable and appealing as it can be. To ensure your bathroom is just the way you want it, you need to learn about the things that can be done to upgrade the look and feel of that space. 

There are many features that can make your bathroom more comfortable depending on the lifestyle and tasks that a person has in their life. Finding the ones that meet your personal needs is the key.

A great home improvement tip is to call local repair services and shop around for the best deal. By shopping around, you’ll have more of an awareness of who you’re doing business with, and you’ll be more likely to find the right person for the job. This can be a great way to make sure you’re getting quality work done.

Our team here at K&B is here to answer any questions that you may have.